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Dog walking

All our dog-walking services are one-to-one, meaning your dog(s) won't be walked with any dogs outside their household. We'll walk your dog(s) in the area surrounding your home. Dog-walking costs £10/hour or £7.50 for half an hour.

Before starting, we conduct a free introductory session, during which we will visit your home to meet you and your dog(s), discuss the way the service works, and confirm you're happy to go ahead.

One-to-one dog training

Our one-to-one training sessions are a good alternative to group classes for dogs who don't do well around other dogs, or for owners who want more flexibility or a personalised training plan.

With our one-to-one training sessions, your trainer will come to your home or somewhere else of your choosing, at a time that suits you, so that we can work in a setting where you and your dog are comfortable.

Working with your whole family, we will focus on the areas you feel need work. One-to-one training costs £40 per one-hour session, plus mileage (40p/mile). 

Horse training and behaviour

Like dogs, horses can also show signs of misbehaviour. Whether it's bucking, aggression, distress with separation, frequent napping, fear of objects and normal procedures, travelling issues or loading trainer problems, we can help.

Our initial assessments last 1-2 hours and cost £30-50, depending on the horse. Subsequent behaviour consultations and programme lessons cost £50 each; we aim to keep our costs low to enable everyone to discipline their horse, as well as to benefit from our expert advice and improve the horse's quality of life.

To learn more, get in touch via the contact form or call Jess on 07973 322108.

Behaviour consultations

If you have a particular problem you need help with, you might need a behaviour consultation rather than a traditional training plan.

We tackle all sorts of different issues, from separation anxiety to chewing or barking, all the way through to aggressive behaviour.

How it works

A member of our team will visit you in your home and discuss your issues with you in depth, as well as meeting your pet in person. We then go away and create a detailed plan for you to follow in order to control or eradicate the problem.


We will visit you again once the plan has been drafted to talk you through it and ensure you are happy with it. We can also be on call for any questions as you work through your plan, and can return for follow-up consultations as needed.


What it costs

Initial assessment: £50

Detailed plan and consultation: £100

Follow-up consultations as needed: £30 each

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We provide a number of different one-to-one services, working with both dogs and horses:

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